Axl Rose Sent Threatening Letter To NIN Member?

Former Nine Inch Nails guitarist Aaron North recently joined in for an interview with Appetite for Distortion.

He went on to recount the story of Axl Rose sending a cease and desist order around 1998 when Aaron co-founded the music website and record label Buddyhead Records with Travis Keller and wrote reviews for ‘GN’R.’ The guitarist said:

“I’ve had Axl’s -or his camp- send me cease and desist. This is back in twenty years ago when I had my own record label and it was this website and stuff where we would put up music reviews.”

It has been noted that North explained the misconception of the Guns N’ Roses members. He cleared the air regarding their stance as Buddyhead back then:

“I think what kind of got lost on the Guns N’ Roses people at the time was that where I was coming from, where we were coming from was from the place of people who were huge fans. I think maybe Axl and friends didn’t take it that way sometimes and they felt like we were just trying to make fun of them all the time or something like that.”

North also mentioned that they weren’t actively seeking Guns N’ Roses’ weaknesses, but they were rather provided by the information by the people who had a dispute with the band:

“For example, I have all those ‘Chinese Democracy’ songs. The late 90s, twenty years ago, right? And it was not because of us doing anything nefarious on our end but people would give it to us, send it to us, volunteer stuff to us all the time. Or it would be someone who got fired from that camp or over there, little complex. And maybe because they were mad at someone they would ‘Oh I know. I’ll give the stuff to the Buddyhead guys and they’ll know.’”

He also stated their true intentions and what ‘GN’R’ failed to comprehend:

“What I don’t think the Guns N’ Roses Camp realised that we weren’t spreading it though, you know.”

Notably, Aaron North isn’t the only person Axl Rose sent a cease and desist. Back in 2012, he wanted to remove a photo from photographer Laura London’s piece ‘Once Upon A Time… Axl Rose Was My Neighbour’ exhibition because it was deemed ‘outrageous, false, fabricated and highly defamatory.’

In 2016, Rose sent a cease and desist to Google to remove the memes made with his photos from 2010 when he was overweight. Although the photos were taken by people from Winnipeg Free Press, Axl claimed that he himself was the legal copyright owner.

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