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Michael Jackson Got Rock Legend From Madonna

Veteran session bassist and touring Pink Floyd bassist Guy Pratt recently detailed how he managed to record bass lines for the legendary Michael Jackson’s 1995 studio album “HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I.” Guy Pratt shares his experience of collaborating with Michael Jackson Speaking with “Vintage Rock Pod” in a recent interview, he recalled how Michael was apparently hiding …

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Michael Jackson Daughter Death Threats Leak In Video

It has come to light via TMZ that Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson was blasted by the fans when she did not wish her dad, Michael Jackson, a happy birthday on social media. This has led to some fans telling her to kill herself. The singer did post Tuesday which would’ve been MJ’s 65th birthday about the extreme reaction of …

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Michael Jackson’s Daughter Takes Shot At Motley Crue

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson is making her presence known more these days than in the past fifteen years. From debuting wild clothing at lavish events, to performances making impressions. Today, Jackson’s daughter has decided to take a shot at Motley Crue over the Mick Mars drama. See Twitter post at the bottom of this article. In additional news, and …

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Courtney Love Reveals ‘Forged’ Michael Jackson Will

Courtney Love has just spoken up about the Michael Jackson case and she feels that she is onto something big. On June 25th, 2009, at the age of 50, Michael Jackson passed away. Ever since, his death has been shrouded in mystery as to what really happened to the mega star. He suffered a cardiac arrest at his home in …

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