Michael Jackson Daughter Death Threats Leak In Video

It has come to light via TMZ that Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson was blasted by the fans when she did not wish her dad, Michael Jackson, a happy birthday on social media. This has led to some fans telling her to kill herself.

The singer did post Tuesday which would’ve been MJ’s 65th birthday about the extreme reaction of fans, saying some had been coming after her all day for not paying tribute to her pops online, which she thinks is ridiculous.

She said that her dad was never into birthday celebrations, and he’d go to great lengths to keep his big day a secret … but despite her honoring MJ’s past wishes over the years, Paris points out the drastic things she’s been hit with when she doesn’t post about him on his birthday.

Paris went on to share a clip from her concert on Tuesday, where she actually paid tribute to Michael with the crowd before reminding her followers big celebrations are something he was totally against.

Paris Jackson opens up on the matter

With a birthday tribute in videos posted on her Instagram Story, including a clip of her on stage at the Las Colonias Park Amphitheater in Colorado, talking about Michael.

“So today is my dad’s birthday,” Jackson said in the first clip as she sat in what appeared to be a dressing room after coming off stage. “And back when he was alive, he used to hate anybody acknowledging his birthday, wishing him a ‘Happy Birthday’, celebrating it — nothing like that.”

“He actually didn’t want us to even know when his birthday was, because he didn’t want us to throw a party, or anything like that,” the singer continued.

“That being said, social media is apparently how people express their love and affection these days and if you don’t wish someone a ‘Happy Birthday’ via social media, it apparently means that you don’t love them, that you don’t care about them.”

Jackson went on to say that “people lose their f—ing minds” and “tell me to kill myself” when she has decided not to post about her dad on his birthday in previous years. “They’re basically telling me that I don’t love my own father, based on what I post on Instagram — so I made you guys a little video and I hope you enjoy it,” she said.

The singer then posted a second Instagram Story video of her onstage at the Colorado venue on Tuesday. Jackson had performed alongside bands Incubus and Bad Flower.

“It’s also my dad’s birthday,” Jackson told the audience in the clip. “And he would have been 65 years old today, and he put 50 years of blood, sweat and tears and love and passion into doing what he did, so that I can stand up here on stage in front of you and scream into a microphone.”

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