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Lars Ulrich Cries At AC/DC Comeback Show

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich recently opened up on his experience to see AC/DC play at this year’s Power Trip festival in Indio, California during an appearance on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation Power Trip Special.” It has been noted that was the first time lead vocalist Brian Johnson performed live with the group since early 2016 after he was forced to bow out …

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Jason Newsted Attacks Metallica Haters In Video

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted recently backed Lars Ulrich. He defended the veteran and argued that it’s not just Lars’s drumming that made Metallica great, but also his dedication, management & decision-making skills. Jason Newsted backs Lars Ulrich Metallica’s Lars Ulrich has proven to be a particular target for some. The trend of Lars-dumping has been sporadically going on for …

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Mick Jagger Was Rude To Metallica Backstage

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich recently revealed that Metallica members were told not to make eye contact with Mick Jagger when they supported The Rolling Stones. Ulrich has texted Jason Newsted recently. Lars Ulrich opens up on the matter Metallica had performed at a couple of shows with the Stones at SBC Park (now Oracle Park) in their San Francisco hometown on November 13 …

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Metallica Lawyer Attacks Freeloader ‘Thief’ Fans

Taking a step back through time, you certainly remember sites such as Limewire, Napster, and many other P2P sites in which many illegally downloaded their favorite songs. Just when it seemed music was free, Metallica and Lars Ulrich stepped up to the plate to ensure money was paid to the artists. In 2000, Metallica discovered that an unfinished demo version …

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