Mick Jagger Was Rude To Metallica Backstage

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich recently revealed that Metallica members were told not to make eye contact with Mick Jagger when they supported The Rolling Stones. Ulrich has texted Jason Newsted recently.

Lars Ulrich opens up on the matter

Metallica had performed at a couple of shows with the Stones at SBC Park (now Oracle Park) in their San Francisco hometown on November 13 and 15, 2005, the first time they had performed as special guests to anyone since 1992, and at the time, Ulrich described the opportunity as “an honour and a privilege.”

In a recent new interview with Bill Maher on his Club Random with Bill Maher podcast, the Danish drummer reveals that he and his bandmates were instructed not to look vocalist Mick Jagger in the eye when he walked through the stadium’s backstage area.

“At that time we had played shows over our career with Deep Purple, with AC/DC,  with a few other bands, all the bands that I had posters on on my wall when I was a kid, and so the last one of those boxes to check was the Stones,” Ulrich tells Maher.

“So we’re sitting backstage, and – and this is in no way a judgment on the Stones, this is really more about us – at one point a a personal assistant or whatever comes and says, ‘Mick Jagger’s gonna walk through here in a couple minutes, he’s going over to his private gym in his truck, and he’s going to warm up before the show. When he walks through here, please don’t make eye contact with him or talk to him’.

Maher then interrupted and suggested that the more significant point here is not that Jagger warms up before gigs, but that others are instructed not to look him in the eye. Ulrich then said that the only contact that the band was permitted to have with the Stones, was having a photo taken with the band as they walked to the stage.

He added:

“I had dreams, like, I thought, we’re gonna play with the Rolling Stones and you know where I’m gonna spend my whole time, is in Keith Richards hotel room, sitting at one of those legendary parties ’til nine o’clock in the morning: I’ll be the last one to leave! It wasn’t exactly like that.”

“I always go and say hello to our support act: I look them in the eye, I ask them if there’s anything they need. It’s a human thing; if somebody comes out and plays on a Metallica stage I want them to feel at home.”

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