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Foo Fighters New Drummer Honors Taylor Hawkins On Tour

Foo Fighters drummer Josh Freese recently took to his Instagram account and posted pictures after finishing up 2023 tour. The picture also included his drum tech, Fiona. His caption read: “Foo Fighters just wrapped up an amazing 2023 and I wanted to give a big shout out/thank you to my fabulous drum tech (and favorite Aussie) Fiona! When I arrived …

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Foo Fighters Members Buy Kids Food In Photo

Sometimes it’s the unexpected moments that steal the spotlight. Case in point: the recent Instagram post from renowned drummer Josh Freese, chronicling a whimsical night out with the legendary Pat Smear. As these seasoned rockers found themselves in Australia, fresh off a colossal Foo Fighters performance, they decided to trade in the adrenaline for a night of culinary exploration and …

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Foo Fighters New Drummer ‘Messed Up’ Performance

In a candid revelation, drummer Josh Freese, who joined the legendary Foo Fighters in 2023, recently spilled the beans on his exhilarating experience playing alongside the iconic Dave Grohl. Through a heartfelt Instagram post, he delved into the unique challenges he faced while sharing the stage with the Foos’ frontman. As reported by Rock Celebs – Freese took to Instagram, …

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Foo Fighters Member Demand To Tool Leaks

In the enigmatic world of progressive metal, few bands command the same level of reverence and mystique as Tool. With their complex compositions, transcendental visuals, and an aura of secrecy that shrouds everything they do, Tool concerts are more than just music; they are journeys into uncharted territories of the mind and soul. Last night in Portland, the anticipation was …

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Foo Fighters Member Pride Parade Photo Released

The power of music lies not only in its ability to unite people from diverse backgrounds but also in its capacity to inspire change and support for important causes. Recently, the music world witnessed a heartwarming and significant moment when Josh Freese, the esteemed drummer and musician of the Foo Fighters, made a profound statement by participating in the Long …

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