Foo Fighters New Drummer ‘Messed Up’ Performance

In a candid revelation, drummer Josh Freese, who joined the legendary Foo Fighters in 2023, recently spilled the beans on his exhilarating experience playing alongside the iconic Dave Grohl. Through a heartfelt Instagram post, he delved into the unique challenges he faced while sharing the stage with the Foos’ frontman.

As reported by Rock Celebs – Freese took to Instagram, sharing a captivating video featuring Grohl skillfully strumming his guitar, all the while exchanging playful expressions with the drummer. Reflecting on the intense moment, Freese bared his soul, confessing:

“Yes, I love referencing Nine Inch Nails’s ‘You Know What You Are’ in the middle jam section of ‘Breakout’ every night. Yes, it’s an absolute blast having one of the world’s greatest drummers shoot playful glances my way while I’m in the zone, pouring my heart out. And yes, I know I messed up towards the end of the double bass/Slayer section.”

With humility, Freese went on to explain his musical mea culpa, saying, “That’s partly why, at the end of it (during the cool-down section), I hit the 4 Snare/crashes in a row. After all that intensity, I couldn’t help but waver and flub the exit. It’s the musical equivalent of yelling ‘goddamnit!'”

Transitioning from his previous gig with Nine Inch Nails to the Foo Fighters might seem like a daunting leap, but Freese revealed that the experience was nothing short of exhilarating. He marveled at the sheer joy of playing behind Grohl, describing the guitar virtuoso as not only inspiring but an absolute joy to collaborate with. He summed it up perfectly, saying, “By the way, playing drums behind one of the world’s greatest guitarists is a total trip. Surprisingly not nerve-wracking but really just inspiring and fun. And that’s the truth, Ruth.”

Prior to his Foo Fighters stint, Freese had shared the stage with the band during tribute concerts for the late Taylor Hawkins. The official announcement of his joining the band was made during the ‘Preparing Music For Concerts’ livestream, cementing his role in the Foo Fighters family.

The Foo Fighters are far from resting on their laurels, with the release of their eleventh studio album, ‘But Here We Are,’ on June 2, 2023. This emotionally charged masterpiece serves as a response to the tumultuous events of the past year, featuring the poignant lead single ‘Rescued.’

For all the die-hard Foo Fighters fans out there, there’s good news on the horizon. The band remains active and is currently on tour, with their next performance slated for October 26 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Exciting shows are lined up in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK in the upcoming year, promising a sonic journey that’s bound to be nothing short of epic. With Freese behind the kit, it’s clear that the Foo Fighters are poised to continue their musical legacy with unwavering fervor.

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