Sublime Bassist and Drummer to Reunite With Bradley Nowell’s Son Jakob on Vocals

According to Consequence, original Sublime members, bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh, are set to reunite for a special performance featuring Jakob Nowell, son of the band’s original frontman, Bradley Nowell, on vocals. The reunion is scheduled for December 11th in Los Angeles as part of a benefit concert for H.R., the frontman of Bad Brains.

This event will mark the first time Jakob Nowell, who has been touring on his own for over a decade, will join forces with the former Sublime musicians. Additionally, it’s the first time Wilson and Gaugh will share the stage since Gaugh left Sublime with Rome in 2011, expressing that it felt wrong to play Sublime songs without Bradley Nowell.

Although they won’t perform under the name “Sublime” for this event, there are hints of a potential formal reunion in the future. Jakob Nowell, represented by Kevin Zinger of Regime Music Group, has enlisted Zinger and Joe Escalante of The Vandals to manage “legacy assets, licensing, and all the business in Sublime” on behalf of Nowell, Wilson, Gaugh, and Bradley Nowell’s wife, Troy Dendekker Nowell.

Zinger mentioned that the possibility of a formal reunion has already generated interest from promoters and festivals, but no official announcements have been made beyond the December 11th performance. Zinger stated, “We’re patiently waiting and doing the right thing. If the vibe’s there, the vibe’s there.”

In a previous interview in 2019, Wilson expressed regret over his falling out with Gaugh after 2011, citing their exceptional chemistry when playing together. Since then, Wilson has continued playing with Sublime with Rome, who recently released a new EP titled “Tangerine Skies.”

Tickets for the December 11th benefit concert for Bad Brains’ H.R. are still available, while Sublime with Rome has tour dates booked for 2024. Fans can check out their upcoming shows and purchase tickets accordingly.

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