Smashing Pumpkins Release New ‘1994’ Album

Smashing Pumpkins have posted on A never-before-released live show from The Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream tour in Nashville on April 12, 1994: avaialble here only and exclusively on cassette.

Within this exclusive box set are two uniquely crafted candles, each a sensory tribute to the dichotomy inherent in The Smashing Pumpkins’ iconic 2nd album.

“Mais Street” encapsulates the reality, the grit, and the relentless hard work of that era. With notes of subterranean rehearsal spaces, incense, aged wood, and aspiration. Contrastingly, “Purple Fuzz” is an olfactory journey into a beautiful daydream, a fragrance that embodies the ethereal spirit and escape of the album’s sensual duality.

Complemented by a Certificate of Authenticity which includes the origin story of this work of art shared between Billy and Rami Mekdachi the visionary parisian artist and fragrance master.
Rami is a perfumer who has collaborated on iconic scents with brands such as Eau de Colette, Roger Vivier Candles, Ines de la Fressange, Costes perfume Lacoste and Chloé and many more to fame. His high concept brand Lola James Harper combines his passion for film, photography, fragrance and dreams. Both Billy and Rami connected when sharing a discussion about Siamese Dream (celebrating its 30th anniversary) unravelling the layers of what the album entailed to create at the time, represented for the band and became for the world. Through shared stories and conversation they captured the dream and felt this iconic record warranted not one but two incredibly unique scents.

The box set also includes letter from Billy sharing notes about creating in 1992-93 and making Siamese Dream.

This isn’t just a box set; it’s a collector’s work of art, a fusion of music, scent, and emotion, a collaboration. A timeless tribute to The Smashing Pumpkins’ legacy and Lola James Harper.


Never-before-released live show from Nashville concert 4/12/1994 on cassette
Two unique candles: “Mais Street” and “Purple Fuzz” representing the album’s dichotomy
Personal letter from Billy Corgan.

Certificate of Authenticity signed by Rami Mekdachi
Limited to 500 units only
This is a Preorder (Ships by Dec 12th)
This is your chance to own a piece of history, a masterpiece crafted by two artistic powerhouses. Don’t miss the opportunity to be among the select few to own this unparalleled collector’s item.

Limited Edition Box Set to 500 units.

Each Set comes with a Photo and a certificate of authenticity By Lola James Harper Founder Rami Mekdachi.
plus a letter By William Patrick Corgan.

Set list

“Geek U.S.A.”
“Cherub Rock”
“I am One”
All Sales Final. Will ship by December 11th.

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