RHCP Fans Trash ‘Sloppy’ The Strokes At Show

Red Hot Chili Peppers recently performed at U.S. Bank Stadium on Saturday night. It seems that RHCP fans on Reddit didn’t like the performance of The Strokes.

One wrote:

The Minneapolis show…. I found them very sloppy, unprofessional and down right boring. We all had to sit through a very awkward birthday bit for a guitar player. Also a mini thing about Prince, that was barely coherent. Dude seemed like he was pissed he had to be there. I’m sorry, you’re opening for the RHCP… respect that!

Edit: my main point being they showed very little respect for the situation, imo.. that’s cool if dude wants to play the “bored rockstar” cliché.. then rock on man. But you are opening up for true legends. Fuck you for making me pay to see you “bored” when countless people and bands would trade places in a heart beat.It should be an honor to share a stage with Chilis… treat it as such.

Another wrote:

“I absolutely LOVE The Strokes, but I’d be nervous about spending a ton of money on tickets to see them live because Julian Casablancas can be extremely hit or miss as a performer. Sometimes he cares and puts in a great performance, and sometimes he doesn’t give a f***.

Their albums are f***ing great though. I hope their lacklustre performance didn’t turn away any RHCP fans who have never checked them out, because as a band they have so so many awesome songs.”

The Strokes have announced a show in Queens, New York as part of Forest Hills Stadium’s summer series. See the venue’s full line-up and more details for the gig below.

Set for August 19 at Forest Hills Stadium the show will have support from Angel Olsen, comedian Seaton Smith and Promiseland (aka Johann Rashid). In the announcement for the show, The Strokes shared a signup link for presale along with details that the general sale will take place on Friday.

Other acts set to perform this year at the Queen’s tennis venue include Maggie Rogers, Weezer, IDLES, LCD Soundsystem, Arctic Monkeys and boygenius. A full calendar with ticket purchase links can be accessed here. The massive lineup marks the outdoor music stadium’s 100 year anniversary, as well as its 10 year anniversary of being renovated into a music venue.

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