Post Malone Saw 80’s Rocker Naked On Blink-182 Bus

When two icons of their respective realms come together for a candid conversation, you know you’re in for a treat. Recently, the world got a glimpse into the life on the road when Post Malone sat down with Joe Rogan to discuss his experience on Travis Barker‘s tour bus. And oh boy, did the stories flow like the music that unites them.

In a raw and unfiltered conversation, as recapped by Desperate Times, Post Malone painted a vivid picture of life behind the scenes during his time on Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker’s tour bus. As he settled into the cozy cocoon of the tour bus, he couldn’t help but marvel at the luxurious comfort it offered. It’s a well-known fact that tour buses are a sanctuary for musicians during grueling tours, but hearing it from someone like Post Malone adds a touch of reality to the mystique.

But it was a particular moment that truly stood out in the narrative—a moment of revelation that had Joe Rogan and the listeners hanging onto every word. As Post Malone closed the door to his private space, ready to lay down and escape into a well-deserved respite, his gaze fell upon a photo hanging on the back of the door. A mermaid-looking figure caught his attention initially, but as he leaned in for a closer look, shock ensued. And what he saw could only be described as legendary mischief.

The mermaid-looking figure turned out to be none other than the iconic Tommy Lee, in all his naked glory. As the realization hit Post Malone, he was greeted by a phrase that could only belong to the rock ‘n’ roll realm— “Enjoy the bus, fu*ker!” A playful yet unforgettable reminder of the camaraderie that binds musicians on the road, a blend of brotherhood and raucous humor.

In a world where musicians often live life at an amplified pace, such stories remind us that even amidst the chaos and the glamour, there’s room for genuine connections and shared laughs. Post Malone’s encounter with Tommy Lee’s cheeky photo serves as a testament to the moments that make touring memorable—the unexpected, the hilarious, and the downright outrageous.

As the conversation between Post Malone and Joe Rogan unfolded, it was clear that the barriers between fans and stars were dissolving. The casual candor of the discussion brought a refreshing authenticity to the table, giving listeners a glimpse into the lives of those who make the music that soundtrack our lives.

So, as you listen to Post Malone recount his escapades on Travis Barker’s tour bus, take a moment to appreciate the tales beyond the stage, the stories that weave the tapestry of a musician’s journey. The mermaid-looking Tommy Lee, a surprise on a door, becomes a symbol of the bonds formed on the road—a quirky reminder that even amidst the chaos of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, there’s always room for a good laugh, a shared memory, and a hearty “Enjoy the bus, fucker!”

Credit to Reddit for the video.

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