Pink Floyd Fans Walk Out of Roger Waters Show

During Sunday’s performance at the London Palladium, Roger Waters infuriated Pink Floyd supporters. Waters was scheduled to provide the live album debut of Dark Side of the Moon Redux, however many people left before any songs were performed via Men’s Journal.

Waters performed at the Palladium twice, the second time on Monday night. For his scheduled concert, the artist came 15 minutes later than expected. Instead of starting with the songs, Waters started reading portions from his unfinished biography, Dark Side of the Moon: Memoirs of a Lanky Prick, off of his laptop.

“One story involved a duck that came to live in the family home,” said Will Hodgkinson, music critic for The Times.

“Another began promisingly as a memory of Floyd’s original leader, Syd Barrett, but revealed nothing more than that Barrett wrote a lot of songs and had an innocent air about him.”

According to The Daily Mail, the duck story lasted upwards of 20 minutes and segued into Waters reading errant notes about his other pets, once again from his laptop.

Neil McCormick, a music critic at The Telegraph, wrote that the entire show “had an unrehearsed air, with a tension exacerbated by Waters’ school masterly demeanor, as he sternly brooked no interruption.”

“F*ck off,” Waters screamed at fans when heckled over his unexpected setlist. At this point, many headed for the exits.

Later, as those in the audience privately wondered if what they were seeing was real and Rogers admonished them:

“If you want to tell stories, tell them in your own time to your own audience in your own f**king theater. By the way, if you can show constraint and stop shouting again.”

It’s unclear how many in the audience were aware of the schedule, but from witness accounts the addition of an unannounced, 20-minute film at the top of the concert portion didn’t help matters much.

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