Perry Farrell ‘Can’t Listen’ To Foo Fighters Song

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell recently named the song he can no longer listen to.

Speaking with The Guardian, Perry revealed via Rock Celebrities:

“‘My Hero,’ by Foo Fighters, takes me back to my best mate, Taylor Hawkins [who died last year]. I am just not ready to hear that song.”

Perry and the former Foo Fighters’ drummer Taylor Hawkins were very good friends. It has been noted that his unexpected passing last March caused the frontman a lot of grief. Perry also talked about Taylor’s passing on several interviews.

However, when New & Approved’s Matt Pinfield asked about Hawkins, this past June, the singer couldn’t hold back his tears and said:

“It hurts. You know, what happens is people now they come to the shows, they wear T-shirts with Taylor. I just saw one last night, so it’s still raw. We love him; I love him.”

The frontman also shared multiple times that Hawkins was the one to encourage him to reunite with Eric Avery and reunite Jane’s Addiction. Farrell shared with Allison Hagendorf that he didn’t know that Taylor was also speaking with Avery to make the reunion a reality.

Perry shared Taylor’s final wish for Jane’s Addiction by adding:

“He [Taylor Hawkins] didn’t tell me that [he was talking to Eric Avery] all he would say is, ‘Just have the guy write you some grooves, man, haven’t seen your grooves.’ It’s not that simple, Taylor. But Taylor wanted so badly to see Jane’s whole and complete.”

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