Pearl Jam Accidentally Leak Tour Dates On Website

It looks like Pearl Jam will be touring and they are coming to your city! Well, at least that’s what speculation says, along with talk of a new album. On the Pearl Jam site, it seems like the touring dates have been slowly getting onto the site. The website doesn’t have anything mind blowing just yet, but it does look like it’s in the midst of being populated. So far, we have Indianapolis, so congrats to those who live there for this upcoming tour.

It’d kind of be funny if that was the only show, but I digress because rumors are already starting on Reddit regarding what others have heard about dates. Dallas was one that was also brought up in the comment section.

As far as rumors go, a Reddit user did leak a small list which looked like this: “Full list of leaks here: St Paul 8/31 & 9/2, Chicago 9/5 & 9/7, Indy 9/10, Ft Worth 913 & 9/15, Austin 9/18 & 9/19.”

It was then said that the above list is mostly rumors, but it could happen. So, as far as we know, Indianapolis – you are chosen. As far as everyone else? We’ll see, but have hope and faith because Reddit is always onto something. I’m not sure exactly what they’re onto most of the time, but it surely is always something.

This tour could also come with a release of new music, which, I do expect, but again, keep that on the downlow because this could also just be a legacy tour, which more and more bands are doing to recoup any costs lost over the last few years. Regardless, I’m ready for the tour and I truly hope that you are as well and you get yourself to a show. This tour should be a great one that spans years and years of their work that they have put so much into from day one.

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