Nikki Sixx Speaks Out On Album With Ex-Motley Crue Singer

Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx recently responded to a fan asking which song is better between Hooligan’s Holiday and Primal Scream. Here is what he wrote:

“Both good songs but primal PUT together an honest snap shot of family struggle and redemption lyrically. HH had a cool vibe and groove. Top line is a win win. Came from a news source while writing the lyrics. Why pick. Dig them both. Even better LOUD”

Check out the Tweet below:

Last year in October 2022, John 5 departed Rob Zombie’s band to become a part of Motley Crue as he replaced Mick Mars as the guitarist struggled with health issues.

The split seemed amicable enough until last month when Mars sued the band for his share of the profits, accusing bassist Nikki Sixx of “gaslighting” him into thinking that his mental faculties were declining and that memory loss was preventing him from playing the songs properly. Mars also added that the hair metal legends extensively used backing tracks, claiming that Nikki didn’t play live at well, something that the guitarist was opposed to.

Crue also addressed the issue with a counterstatement reiterating that the guitarist was unfit to perform and stating that there were no backing tracks involved in their performances, which led to many fans and musicians becoming divided between both parties.

Sixx and Vince Neil admitted to Classic Rock in a 2020 interview that they did everything to get people’s attention especially when they were first starting in the industry. Neil recalled their first year as a band and explained:

“We still gave it our all, even in a sandwich shop with like 20 people there. We didn’t care, we were still lighting Nikki on fire and shit like that! We had the drive. We didn’t care if we didn’t have any money, because any money we made we put into our show.”

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