Motley Crue Rip Mick Mars Accusation With Photo

What a time it has been in the Motley Crue camp lately. Taking a walk backwards, the band really got back into the atmosphere when Vince Neil was said to have some poor vocal performances, which were caught on phones across the nation.

The Crue felt that they could fix this issue by, allegedly according to Mick Mars, using backing tracks and even having Vince lip-sync to tracks that were recorded at another time. Now, fans didn’t know about this, but they really should have because this is very commonplace in the industry.

Since fans didn’t know about these accusations and because Mick Mars had/has huge beef with the band, he felt it would be best to really let everyone in on the alleged secret. You see, Mick took to the masses to claim how Motley Crue are the fakest band around, well, at least, in his mind – and maybe to the persuasion of fans.

Mick would state that the whole idea of “live shows” doesn’t exist when talking about Motley. He said that Vince lip-syncs and the rest of the band (other than Tommy Lee) are hardly ever plugged in. This struck a nerve with the band, especially Nikki Sixx.

So, in typical Nikki fashion, he blew the doors off of the drama that was coming his way. He has calmed down, obviously, in recent years, but I would say that he still got his shot in before the buzzer.

On Twitter, Nikki posted up a photo of himself asking (seemingly Mick) if it looked like he (Nikki) was faking playing the bass at a show. Obviously, the photo does show him playing the bass. It just seemed a bit uncalled for, because most should know that this backing track controversy has been in the industry for just about ever.

However, Nikki felt what he felt and he meant what he meant. Check it out.

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