Motley Crue Member Reveals Truth About Replacement

Mötley Crüe has been working for the fans and is ready to give them an opportunity to enjoy three new tracks. The drummer and co-founder Tommy Lee has stated about the new work during an interview with Desert Sun.

According to Ultimate Guitar, Tommy Lee spoke about it and even discussed the situation surrounding John 5’s guitar work. He said, “Wait until you hear it. It’s insane. It’s not a full album, but that might be down the road a bit. We’re always writing and doing stuff, so that’s always a possibility down the road. But we just went to the studio not too long ago and recorded three insane tracks, and one of them is called ‘Dogs Of War.’ We’re just finishing up the video for it. For those jonesing for some new Crüe, people are going to bug out. John 5 is playing on it, the guitar work is incredible, and it sounds sick.”

Tommy Lee is a legend in the business and has given the fans something exceptional through his band. John 5 joined the band after he stopped playing with Rob Zombie. The time has changed and while the band hardly talks about their upcoming music, it’s interesting to know that Tommy Lee has hyped up fans for the three tracks. Fans would love some work and if they love it, the tracks will be on top of the charts.

Would you like to listen to the tracks mentioned by Tommy Lee? Sound off in the comments.

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