Motley Crue Member ‘Got Nauseous’ At Concert

John 5 recently reminisced the first time he saw Mötley Crüe live, noting how the show was so loud he got physically sick.

It has been noted  that  John 5 proved to be the much-needed component to make the veteran hair metal outfit feel fresh again, with his arrival so universally praised that even the band’s legendary guitarist, Mick Mars, even amid his bitter court battle with the other three classic Crüemembers, praised the younger guitarists and admitted his band have “made a very, very wise choice” with hiring John 5.

The guitarist himself has been a die-hard Mötley fan for most of his life, and he recently described his first live Mötley Crüe show during an interview with “Appetite for Distortion” (via Ultimate Guitar):

“I loved Mötley Crüe, of course. When they came out with ‘Live Wire’, I was glued to the TV. I was already playing guitar for a while, and I was *obsessed*.”

John notes how he couldn’t catch Mötley the first time they came to his town while touring with Ozzy Osbourne because it was a school night, but he didn’t miss the opportunity later on:

“My very first time seeing them was [on the] ‘Theater of Pain’ tour. I remember this vividly, I was so excited. I was right up against the front [of the stage]; right in front of Mick. And it was so loud. I mean, it was so loud, that I got nauseous. And this has never happened since — I got nauseous. And I had to — I remember this vividly — I walked up the stairs on the side, to my right, and I sat there on the stairs because I was so nauseous. But I absolutely loved the show. It was incredible.”

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