Motley Crue Guitarist Reveals Truth About Buckethead

In a recent candid conversation with Guitar World, the multifaceted John 5 delved into his deep appreciation for the enigmatic virtuoso, Buckethead. This guitar maestro has left an indelible mark on John 5, influencing not only his musical journey but also the design of his newly launched signature Telecaster.

According to UG – Buckethead, renowned for his ostentatious style and six-string acumen, has long been a muse for John 5. He confessed that witnessing Buckethead’s enthralling live performances served as a catalyst for his plunge into instrumental work within his solo endeavors. The essence of Buckethead’s ingenuity seeped into the DNA of John 5’s latest creation, the Ghost Telecaster.

This new guitar masterpiece boasts a one-piece maple neck and alder body, housing a pair of ceramic magnet DiMarzio D Activator humbuckers. A distinctive three-way toggle rests elegantly upon its upper bout, accompanied by an Arcade-style kill switch. John 5, a self-proclaimed paramount Buckethead admirer, passionately discussed this specific feature, attributing it to his musical icon:

“No-one resonates with Buckethead’s artistry more than I do! Attending his performances is a profound source of inspiration for me. It’s a crucial aspect of creativity—finding that person or element that truly ignites your passion. Buckethead’s instrumental prowess has profoundly impacted my artistic journey. In fact, I credit him as the impetus for my venture into instrumental music.

“Observing him live, often a lone figure on stage with a compelling backing track, was a revelation. The sheer spectacle left me awe-struck. Artists like him drove me to explore the notion of incorporating a kill switch. The versatility and creative potential it offers are astounding. I incorporate it constantly in my music, so why not integrate it as an additional feature?”

John 5’s reverence for Buckethead not only underscores their shared passion for music but also emphasizes the artistic evolution catalyzed by their mutual musical inspiration.

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