Mick Jagger Spotted With SNL Star In Bar Photo

Jimmy Fallon and Mick Jagger is certainly an iconic pairing. The two stars are both legends in their own right. They recently posed for a photo together from inside a British pub, and the results are truly sublime.

In the joint new Instagram post shared to both of their Instagram pages, the pair were captured at The Old Ship Inn in Hackney, London, as they caught up on the latest news with their heads each ducked into a copy of the local paper.

“Big news day in Hackney,” they captioned the post, which garnered tons of attention from fans in the comments, who couldn’t get enough of the legendary pairing.

“What a duo!!!” one fan gushed under the post, while another person wondered, “How cool would it be to have lunch with these two.”

“Two legends,” someone else commented.

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It has been noted that the post comes ahead of a big announcement from Jagger and the rest of The Rolling Stones, who are expected to reveal their new album, Hackney Diamonds, during a livestream interview with Fallon on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

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