Metallica Female Fan Groped At Show In Wheelchair

Some people are just creeps!

It has come to light via Reddit that a fan had some difficult time during Metallica concert. However, it was resolved quickly.

One of the fans gave a shout-out to fellow fans in the Metallica family. The fan revealed he went to the Metallica concert with his girlfriend, who was in a motorized wheelchair. He noted that 99% of the Metallica family was stepping aside for them to get as close as we could.

“We didn’t even ask a single person to move. Everyone just kept telling us go closer!”

People were helping me keep her safe during the rowdier bits. However, he noted:

“The only thing that was a letdown was like 3 or 4 people kept trying to grope my girlfriend grabbing at her chest. And seeing as she was in a wheelchair you had to make a very obvious effort to grope her.”

He revealed that he had to ask one guy multiple times to leave his girlfriend alone and keep his hands to himself. The ‘creep’ made her extremely uncomfortable.

“If someone tells you they dont want to be touched by you, leave them alone!”

He then revealed: “Shout out to the girl who kicked the creep in the nuts and got him to leave us alone..”

He concluded:

“Metallica family you rock! Can’t wait to see you again.”

One fan chimed in:

“It wasn’t a Metallica show, but I went to a concert with a short female friend of mine. All 5ft 90lbs of her, I was doing my best to shield her when things started getting out of control on the floor, then some giant dude, at least 6.5 and well over 200lbs showed up and was casually body checking every drunk idiot that came even close to slamming into us. He never even broke attention from the band, he was still rocking out but any time it looked like some douchebag swinging their fists around or whatever was coming near, he’d take one solid step in their direction and it was like they hit a brick wall. I offered him a beer but he just gave me the devil horns and kept singing. F***ing legend.”

Another wrote:

“Why metal fans are the best. Went to knotfest when I was 15 and everyone in the crowd was so nice ton of old blokes watching out for me. Great experience”

Third one wrote:

“When I saw Metallica at the Rose Bowl, the most pit was huge but there was this guy in the middle with a red tank top, he was probably like 6’7 and BUFF. The red tank said “Mosh Guard”. Basically he stood there picking people up when they fell in the pit, handling aggressive violent drunk idiots, and basically just protecting everyone and making sure they had a good time. That was awesome.”



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