Machine Gun Kelly Is Changing His Name

William Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name?” and Machine Gun Kelly has taken it seriously as the rapper doesn’t want to be referred by his previous name. The name describes anyone or anything around us, but it looks like MGK has a thought about it and wants to rename himself after a recent situation during a live show.

It turns out that during a red carpet appearence at the GQ Men of the Year, he asked the photographers to refer him as ‘Machine’ instead of ‘Machine Gun.’ He said “I have a question, instead of ‘Machine Gun,’ can you just hit me with the ‘Machine’ from now on?”

What Made Machine Gun Kelly want to change his name?

Machine Gun Kelly was recently performing when a fan held up a sign that read, ‘Change Your Name.’ Kelly asked what that meant and he was told, “We want you to change your name. We want you to take out the ‘Machine Gun’ so we don’t glorify machine guns. Just take out the ‘Machine Gun.’” It was after this that Kelly started posting with the word ‘Machine.’

Entertainment Weekly reported that while his social media handles are still going ahead with the name ‘Machine Gun Kelly’, he has started posting about the term ‘Machine’ instead of ‘Machine Gun Kelly’. According to Rock Celebrities, the interaction with the fans during the live show inspired MGK to change the name that made him popular throughout his musical career.

Do you think that Machine Gun Kelly made the right decision by changing the name? Sound off in the comments.

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