Led Zeppelin Singer Spotted With The View Host

Former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant met Whoopi Goldberg in Italy after she wrote him a letter explaining how much his music means to her via Cronache Maceratesi.

They met by chance in a charming hotel nestled in the Macerata hills. The episode is told by Emilia Torresi, owner of the Hotel Villa Quiete, an elegant eighteenth-century building, immersed in a centuries-old park, a real Macerata gem. This out-of-this-world place, albeit very close to everything else, was the scene of a “legendary” moment.

It has come to light that Whoopi Goldberg was staying at the hotel and learned that Robert Plant was also here and that he would arrive after the concert. She is a fan of him and decided to send him a long letter in which he explained how important her music was to her and how much he wanted to meet him. “Don’t leave if you don’t come to the set to say hello,” she concluded. Then she went to the room.

In the meantime, Plant returned from the Sferisterio, without stopping for dinner with his parents, knowing that the actress was waiting for him. They met here and spent a long time talking.

“Whoopi Goldberg is like you see in the movies, plus she has an infinite delicacy towards those who work. Robert Plant is a playful guy, he’s always been cheerful and happy.’ And he tells another anecdote:

“We were looking at a room with two boys who are going to get married on Saturday, the groom chose “Led Zeppelin” as the name of his table. While we were in the hall, Robert Plant entered by mistake. I pointed out to him that he had to go the other way, he bowed and walked away. I then pointed out to the groom who the man who had just entered was. Taken by emotion, he was about to pass out. I told Robert about it and he said jokingly “You have to give me a commission on this wedding”


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