Joe Rogan Reveals Why Nirvana Member Quit

Before Nirvana was a household name with the names of Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, and Krist Novoselic, there was a different lineup that was sans Grohl and with the inclusion of Jason Everman and Chad Channing, who later left.

Jason was the first guitarist (along with Kurt) found on songs. Jason has been quiet for years and as we have seen in articles about journal entries from Cobain, which supposedly contained graphic speaking on children – we are seeing that Cobain may not have been the meek and mild person that many once believed.

Joe Rogan invited Jason onto the show recently and Jason would chat about his time in Nirvana, most specifically, about Cobain.

In one part of the interview, Jason alluded to Cobain always controlling the narrative of the band, which, in hindsight, did lead them to their success, but it wasn’t fun for Everman, and led him to quit. Desperate Times transcribed their comments.

Joe Rogan asked : “So, was it that, you would try to put creative input in it would get shut down? They weren’t interested, Kurt wasn’t interested?”

Jason Everman: “Yeah, so, uhh, on the rare time where we actually rehearsed as a band – which wasn’t a lot…Kurt would be like ‘Hey, who has ideas?,’ and I would throw some ideas out, and Chad (Channing) – a very accomplished musician in his own right, would throw some ideas out. Then it’d just kind of be glossed over and (Kurt) be like ‘Okay, well, here’s a new song I wrote,’ so it was very…”

Joe Rogan: “Egocentric.”

Jason: “Cursory. You kind of throw it out there, but it wasn’t gonna go anywhere.”

Eventually, Jason would have enough of the band and choose to leave before reaching their biggest break of all. Jason doesn’t regret it. He later joined the military and has had a great life.

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