Jason Newsted Is Back And Needs To Rejoin Metallica

Ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted is back and is getting the praise that he deserves that he never really got previously. Recently, it was said that Jason was reviving the ‘Newsted Project’ on May 20th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and would be performing for the first time in ten years. Could this lead to some Metallica work? Here’s my outlook on all of this.

Newsted’s bass playing style was characterized by his fast finger work, aggressive tone, and energetic stage presence. He also contributed to the band’s songwriting. During his tenure with Metallica, Newsted faced some criticism from fans and critics who felt that his bass playing was often buried in the mix on the band’s recordings. The band would give him flack as well, and this was all a really odd time for the band coming off of the tail of Cliff Burton’s death.

However, he remained a valued member of the band, and his contributions to their live shows were widely praised.

In 2001, Newsted left Metallica due to personal differences with the other members. He has since played with a number of other bands and pursued various artistic projects, but his time with Metallica remains an important part of his legacy in the world of heavy metal.

I feel that Jason should head back to Metallica. Personally, I love what the band is doing currently, and I understand that many have a different opinion. Jason’s work, I liked as well, but I just don’t totally see him back full time with Metallica. That said, I do think that we could see him pull a Mick Taylor with the Rolling Stones and pop in and out from time to time.

In an odd way, I think this is what Jason needed to be really appreciated more-so than he was with his stay within Metallica. I feel like fans do miss the albums that Jason was featured on and could really rally around this. Sure, Rob’s current bass work is awesome, and for me, I think it’s hard to tell much of a wild difference between him and Jason, but Metallica are getting to a point where I think reunions should be done and maybe even a one-off tour with Jason.

Could we get some new Newsted music with Metallica? That’s tough to say, but having him back for a few gigs? I’m all for it – but don’t expect a lengthy stay if he does choose to come back. The dust may have settled in his time off, but something says that the band and Jason still won’t be able to mesh too heavily after some time back together.

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