Iron Maiden Singer Blasts ‘Rich Posers’ At Show

Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer of Iron Maiden, recently shared his reflections on the unusual crowd composition at the Power Trip festival in Indio, California, held in October. In an interview with Brazil’s 92.5 Kiss FM radio station, Dickinson expressed surprise that the front-row tickets, typically reserved for enthusiastic fans, were purchased by individuals seemingly more interested in filming the concert on their phones. Meanwhile, the true fans were relegated to the back rows due to the high cost of festival tickets.

Dickinson conveyed his frustration, stating, “I think what was a little bit strange for us was that the people who should be down the front of the stage, because the tickets for the festival were so expensive, they were at the back, and the people who were at the front were just like rich people that wanted to film everything on their phone. But the kids who you wanted to play to were at the back. And that sucks, actually.”

When asked if this unusual crowd arrangement influenced his comments about Brazilian audiences and fans from South America during the performance, Dickinson affirmed, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go take a look at some real rock and roll fans — not a bunch of posers who wanna go down the front. ‘I paid 3,000 dollars for my ticket. Look at me.’ f*** off.”

Dickinson clarified that Iron Maiden was not responsible for the ticket prices at the festival and assured fans that during their upcoming tour in America, the “real fans” would have their rightful place at the front of the stage. He emphasized, “We’re going into America next year and we’re doing our own tour. And the people who are down the front are gonna be the people who deserve to be down the front. They’re gonna be the real fans, which is gonna be great.”

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