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Howard Stern Reveals What Killed Jimmy Buffett

Howard Stern recently talked about Jimmy Buffett after he passed away over the weekend, following a battle with skin cancer. Stern discussed the Margaritaville singer’s passing with co-host Robin Quivers on the first episode of The Howard Stern Show after the shock jock’s long summer vacation via Media Ite.

“The guy loved the outdoor life. He loved being outdoors. And guess what killed him? Skin cancer,” Stern said. “That’s f***ed up. He had a rare skin cancer.”

“He was wild, you know, like, he was very interesting,” Quivers said. “They said that some friend invited him down to the Florida Keys and he went down there and the moment he saw that land and sea. He said, ‘Well, I know whatever I do — This lifestyle has to fit around it.’”

“I plan my life around suffering and sitting the house. I only enjoy that,” Stern joked.

Stern further revealed that Buffett lived near him and he always expected to run into Buffett at some point. He outlined why he was never invited to Buffet’s house.

“I always thought I was going to run into that guy because he lives out by me. He knew a lot of the same people that I was hanging out with. And I was always waiting for an invite to Jimmy Buffett’s house because he invited a whole bunch of famous dudes and stuff that I knew,” Stern said.

“But then I was just thinking the other day. I think I didn’t meet him because probably I said like, shitty stuff about his music on the radio. I guess he might be took offense to that. I wasn’t a big parrot head. I mean, I don’t know. I don’t mean this in any disparaging way. He seems like a real nice guy. And anyone who can make a hit song I admire, but I wasn’t really into Margaritaville. I guess, I don’t like it. You know, it doesn’t move me in the way that music normally does. It’s a catchy tune, though,” Stern said.

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