Guns N’ Roses Member Files For Divorce

In a recent development, Guns N’ Roses drummer Frank Ferrer has officially filed for divorce from his wife, Magdalena Malicka, marking the end of their 16-month-long marriage. Court documents, filed on November 20th at California’s Superior Court for Los Angeles County and obtained by PEOPLE, reveal that Ferrer cited irreconcilable differences as the primary reason for the split.

The documents disclose that the couple tied the knot on May 16, 2022, and officially separated on September 30, 2023. Notably, Ferrer and Malicka did not share any children during their brief union.

Via Yahoo – Despite maintaining a relatively private stance on their relationship, Ferrer’s first public acknowledgment of their union came through an Instagram post celebrating their first wedding anniversary. The post featured multiple photos capturing the couple in a joyous embrace, adorned in elegant attire, and exchanged sweet moments.

Following their anniversary tribute, Ferrer continued to share glimpses into their life together on social media, including a selfie captioned “Couple of Ferrers…” and updates from their summer vacations, spanning destinations like Madrid, Spain, and Rome, Italy.

While the couple’s social media presence showcased their shared experiences and travels, it appears that the strains in their relationship became evident, leading to the recent decision to part ways. Notably, Ferrer’s last mention of Malicka was in a September 16 post where she was credited as the photographer of a black-and-white mirror selfie taken in NYC.

On a professional note, Ferrer recently concluded a multi-city tour with his fellow band members, marking the first North American tour for Guns N’ Roses since 2021. Reflecting on his journey with the iconic group in a 2020 interview, Ferrer expressed the challenges of incorporating the distinct feels of previous drummers into his playing style. As the band navigates this new chapter, fans and followers are left to reflect on the personal and professional dynamics that shaped Ferrer’s time both on and off the stage.

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