Gene Simmons Records With Fans For Thousands Of Dollars

Fans of KISS legend Gene Simmons have a huge opportunity to meet the legend himself at Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios on December 4th, 5th & 6th, 2023.

The website has noted that the fans can spend the day at Electric Lady Studios with Gene Simmons . Fans can step foot in the very first studio Paul & Gene ever recorded in, 1972. Fans will have the chance to record a song with Gene Simmons .

Fans can join Gene on lead and background vocals, Live at Electric Lady Studios, where several legendary Rock Stars have stood. Gene emphasized that no musical experience is necessary to take part in the historic session, but that invitees can bring along an instrument to play on the recording.

The website has also noted that fans will be able to take home a copy of the recording. Gene will not release the song.  Fans are being urged to enjoy the day. This event is about having fun with Gene Simmons and going home with a personal copy of the entire recording.

Fans can also take home items from Gene’s Personal KISS Collection!

Fans will get photos and videos with Gene & he’ll sign two of your personal items. Gene will also share stories about his career and items in his personal KISS collection that spans 50 years — and he’s passing them on to YOU! Plenty of food & refreshments for all have also been promised.

If you are interested then the entire package will cost you a staggering amount of $5,995.

Gene Simmons previously offered fans the opportunity to spend a day with him at London’s iconic Abbey Road Studio this July. For just £5000, purchasers will be able to record a song with the God Of Thunder himself, enjoy stories from Simmons’ long career with the band, and leave for home with collectibles from Gene’s very own archive. Simmons has been no stranger to controversy, stating that rock is dead.

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