Foo Fighters Sadly Forced To Delay Show

Foo Fighters’ show in Big Sky MT was delayed due to thunderstorms & lightening. However, the show was rescheduled to start at 9:15PM PT.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang Van Halen recently showered praise on the Foo Fighters frontman rocker Dave Grohl, citing him as his personal “rock god”. WVH shared a stage with Grohl and co during the Taylor Hawkins Tribute concerts which took place last year following the tragic passing of the Foo Fighters drummer.

In an interview on the BBC’s The Rock Show With Johnnie Walker, Wolfie chose Grohl as his rock god, stating [per Blabbermouth]:

“I’ve chosen Dave Grohl because he just inspires me infinitely – in songwriting and capability as a musician. I really admire how he came from Nirvana, and then after that sadly ended, how he was able to build his own thing with Foo Fighters.

“It’s how I mirror a lot of my experience, so where I’ve come from and what I’ve tried to do myself. So he’s just everything I aspire to be.” He adds, “I first became aware of him, gosh, when I was… It was when [Foo Fighters’ fifth album] In Your Honor [came out] and [I heard] Best Of You. I remember that song would always get stuck in my head.

“It always stuck with me how he made everything better – his songwriting, singing. Yeah, I guess that’s why maybe I look up to him so much. He really is just everything I aspire to be, especially after getting to know him a little bit and spending a little bit of time with him… There’s nothing better than looking up to someone and realising that they’re everything and more. And he is that.”

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