Famous Rapper Breaks Record Set By Tool

In a surprising turn of events, André 3000 has etched his name into the record books by surpassing Tool for the longest-running Hot 100 hit of all time. This milestone, reported by Billboard, comes as his track “I Swear, I Really Wanted To Make A ‘Rap’ Album But This Is Literally The Way The Wind Blew Me This Time” from the instrumental album New Blue Sun secured the #90 spot on the Hot 100 this week. Clocking in at an impressive 12 minutes and 20 seconds, it surpasses Tool’s “Fear Inoculum,” a 10-minute and 21-second track that debuted at #93 in 2019.

Via Stereogum – The significance of this achievement extends beyond musical prowess, delving into the evolving landscape of the music business. André 3000’s lengthy track not only captures the attention of listeners but also underscores the industry’s embrace of extended musical formats, challenging traditional notions of song length and structure.

The revenue implications of André 3000’s feat are notable. With “I Swear, I Really Wanted To Make A ‘Rap’ Album But This Is Literally The Way The Wind Blew Me This Time” amassing an impressive 5.8 million streams in the past week, it highlights the economic viability of longer compositions in the streaming era. This shift in consumer behavior and acceptance of extended tracks opens up new avenues for artists to experiment with unconventional formats, potentially reshaping the revenue landscape within the industry.

The top of the Hot 100’s longest tracks is now a fascinating mix of genres and eras. Following André 3000’s lead, Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version),” at 10 minutes and 13 seconds, takes the third spot and holds the record for the longest chart-topping hit after debuting at #1 in 2021. David Bowie’s “Blackstar” and Harry Chapin’s “Better Place To Be (Parts 1 & 2)” claim the fourth and fifth spots, respectively, showcasing a diverse range of artists who have ventured into the realm of extended musical expression.

As the industry continues to evolve, propelled by streaming trends and audience preferences, André 3000’s record-setting achievement serves as a reminder that innovation in musical formats can yield not only critical acclaim but also significant financial success. The intersection of creativity and commerce is ever-expanding, and artists embracing unconventional approaches may find themselves at the forefront of a new era in the music business.

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