Elvis Presley AI Photo Shows Him Alive Today

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently helped showing what the King Elvis Presley would look like if he was alive today. The legend passed away in 1977 at the age of just 42. In 2023, Elvis would be 88 years old – and it’s not impossible that if he hadn’t died of hypertensive cardiovascular disease back in the 70s, he could still be alive today.

It has been noted that Elvis was found unresponsive in the bathroom of his Graceland mansion. He had been constipated for four months, with one expert suggesting that the “strain of attempting to defecate” compressed his abdominal aorta, which shut down his heart. A post-mortem found a compacted stool that was four months old in his bowel.

He had a horrific diet, often splurging on cheeseburgers while locked in his room. He also suffered from vertigo, back pain, insomnia and eye infections – and was taken to hospital in a semi-coma in 1973, suffering from severe respiratory distress.

Elvis also suffered from hepatitis and a bleeding ulcer, weighing more than 25 stone at the time of his death.

In new pictures generated by DALL-E 2 AI via Daily Star, Elvis appears to have lost some of the weight he gained in his later years – and despite a receding hairline, the images still show him with a full head of dark hair – some streaked through with grey.

In one snap the Jailhouse Rock hitmaker’s teeth are visible – stained with blue and yellow as though preferable to dentures. Elvis also has visible wrinkles in the artificially generated snaps, with one picture showing him with slight jowls as his mouth hangs open.

His grey eyebrows have grown bushier with time, with visible bags under the star’s eyes.

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