Diddy Raps About Federal Raid In New AI Song

Diddy’s voice can be heard rapping in a new AI generated song about his federal raid after accusations. The song “Out of Reach” is generated by AI, with a cloned voice of Diddy being heard rapping about 50 Cent and Usher, who have been tied into reports accusing Diddy of trafficking following the raid of his home.

Diddy took a private jet to Antigua after the initial raid, before returning to the United States, where he’s now been spotted with family members. Diddy’s lawyer has been critical of the raid of the singer’s home, believing it went too far.

Lyrics to Out of Reach:

[Verse] I’m flyin’ high, ain’t no stoppin’ me
Diddy on the plane, Homeland Security can’t lock me
I’m outta reach, no one can touch me
Fifty and Usher tryin’ to catch me, but they ain’t clutchin’

[Verse 2] I’m on the move, no time to slow down
Droppin’ bombs, makin’ ’em all bow down
Diddy’s on the rise, unstoppable force
Homeland Security can’t keep me off course

[Chorus] I’m flyin’ on my plane, higher than the sky
Homeland Security, you won’t catch me, no matter how you try
Sixty thousand feet up, leavin’ ’em all behind
Diddy’s flyin’ free, leavin’ all the haters in a bind

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