Def Leppard Member Owes Money To AC/DC Legend

Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott recently talked about his favorite AC/DC album. He also revealed that he still owes money to the late singer while talking to Louder Sound.

He praised albums like ‘Highway to Hell’ and ‘Back In Black,’ Elliott revealed his favorite AC/DC record was 1978’s ‘Powerage,’ stating [via Rock Celebrities]:

“There are so many great songs on ‘Powerage.’ ‘Rock And Roll Damnation’ – or ‘Rock And Roll Dalmatian,’ as we used to call it – is a brilliant opener. And then you’ve got ‘Riff Raff,’ ‘Sin City,’ ‘Gimme A Bullet,’ ‘Down Payment Blues…’”

The singer then, jokingly, shared what he’d do to write lyrics like Scott:

“I would shoot my own mother… well, no, I wouldn’t, but I would do something drastic to be able to write those kinds of those kinds of songs. Stunning, absolutely stunning – the whole record.”

He carried on by praising ‘Powerage’ and Scott’s knack for lyrics:

“One of the really deep cuts that I love is ‘What’s Next To The Moon.’ The way Bon sings: ‘I tied my baby to the railroad tracks…’ Nobody wrote lyrics like Bon’s. The guy had the greatest gruff, soulful voice and the best sense of humor that any singer has ever had.”

Joe also recalled how the late AC/DC frontman was like in his daily life:

“He was one of the boys, and you wanted to hang out with a guy like that. And, thank god, I did for three weeks back in seventy-nine when Def Leppard opened for AC/DC.”

He added, sharing how he still owed Scott a ‘tenner:’

“Bon lent me a tenner and I never got the chance to pay him back. When we were in Australia one time I visited his hometown, where they have a statue of him. I felt I owed it to his memory.”

The late frontman passed away in 1980, aged 33, as Elliott never ‘found the chance’ to repay him.

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