David Gilmour’s Wife Sadly Attacks Roger Waters

In the wake of David Gilmour’s latest musical offering, ‘The Dark Side of Roger Waters,’ the ongoing discussion surrounding the former Pink Floyd vocalist’s alleged antisemitism has rekindled, gaining momentum on social media. Polly Samson, Gilmour’s wife, took to Twitter to delve into the matter, drawing attention to a tweet by Waters from earlier in the year, wherein he shared an interview with the Berliner Zeitung addressing the accusations. Samson emphasized her unwillingness to amplify Waters’ views, stating:

“For the record. It was this interview in Berliner Zeitung that broke this camel’s back. I didn’t attach it to my tweet of February 6 because his are not views I would ever wish to amplify.”

According to Rock Celebs, responding to this, Heidi Bachram shared a new documentary by the Campaign Against Antisemitism, underscoring Waters’ use of antisemitic language. Bachram commended Samson for her forthrightness and valor in the matter. In a tweet, Waters acknowledged her words, expressing a desire to combat antisemitism vigorously:

“Thank you. I wish I had the strength to take on all the antisemites as tirelessly and courageously as you do.”

Early in 2023, Samson continued to voice her concerns about Roger Waters, calling him out on Twitter for his statements regarding the Israeli government and the Russia-Ukraine war. She didn’t mince her words, referring to him as a ‘Putin apologist, lying, thieving, hypocritical, misogynistic antisemitic.’ Unfortunately, her brave stance against antisemitism came at a price, as she revealed the deluge of hateful messages she received, including one accusing the Jews of ‘corruption, theft, ritual murder of children’ and more. Despite the vitriol she faced, Samson stood firm in her conviction, stating:

“Since calling out Roger Waters’ antisemitism, I receive filth like this every day. It’s vile, but I have no regrets because being a bystander would be so much worse.”

In an industry built on creativity, unity, and understanding, it is imperative to confront and condemn hate speech and discrimination wherever it surfaces. Let us hope that these conversations lead to a more inclusive and respectful musical community, one where the power of music unites rather than divides.

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