Dave Grohl Stuck Tongue In Rock Singer’s Face

It has been noted that HIM’s 2003 album ‘Love Metal’ was the band’s breakthrough moment in the industry. Back in the day, frontman Ville Valo had several run-ins with other rockers in the scene.

Ville shared with Metal Hammer his initial meeting with Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl. He recalled via Rock Celebrities:

“All of a sudden I felt this hairy tongue on my face. I looked around and it was Dave Grohl. I’d never even met him before, so that’s how we got introduced. Now, I’m not sure if Dave Grohl does that to everybody the first time he meets them, but I kind of felt special for a moment.”

It was quite an unusual first interaction but Valo revealed that he was happy to be recognized by the rocker by adding:

“‘Love Metal’ might not be the biggest metal album ever, or even the biggest album we ever made, but that was a moment that made me realize we weren’t just another band anymore.”

Although HIM has come a long way since the ‘Love Metal’ album, Ville revealed that he has plans to continue the legacy of the band with his solo career.

In an interview with Igor Miranda this past March, Valo opened up about his debut album ‘Neon Noir.’ He expressed:

“From the very beginning, I thought it’s important to play HIM songs. A lot of the HIM songs, all songs written by me, and they’re important to me… I thought that since I’m not trying to do a full departure, do something completely different… I wanted to logically continue where we left off… So from the very beginning, it sounded best to me that we zigzag in between the old and the new.”

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