Creed Member Drops New Album Bombshell

Music makes you feel wonderful and anyone who follows Creed and their music knows what a blissful experience it is for them to listen to Creed’s soulful songs. It looks like the Creed fans will have something else to cheer for, as alongwith the band’s reunion tour, they will also have new music soon. The band’s guitarist Mark Tremonti hinted about it in a recent interview and the fans would love to get more information about this possibility in the coming days.

While speaking to Audio Ink Radio in an interview Mark Tremonti talked about the fact that writing new songs for the band is always on his mind. Audacy reports that Mark said, “When I’m writing songs, and I go over ideas, I’m like, ‘Wow. That would be a great Creed song,’ I kind of hold it aside for that day that it happens. A lot of times when I’ll write a song that I put on a Tremonti record, I’ll be like, ‘That would have been a great Creed song,’ and it turns into a song the people like, but they just kind of get forgotten. Some of the ballads on Tremonti records, the die-hard Tremonti fans love them, but I think they would have been bigger Creed songs, some of them.”

Mark Tremonti Talks Christmas Album, Creed Reunion + More – Interview

He even talked about the reception that the reunion tour news has received, but also pointed to the fact that he wants some new music to go along with it. Mark said, “If we would have known this [tour] was gonna do so well, we would have planned ahead of time and done new music beforehand. But from an outsider looking in, sometimes people are, like, ‘Yeah, just put out new music.’ But we’d have to record it nine months ago to have it be ready now, kind of for the tour. If we started writing music now, it would take us months and months and months to write it and then months to record it and then six months of setting it up and by then it’s time for us to start Alter Bridge. So it’s kind of a difficult thing.”

Fans would appreciate the music whether it comes before or after the reunion tour as they love the work done by the band. It would be the band’s first album since 2009’s Full Circle. The fans loved the previous one, and there’s no denying that the new music would get the same or better reception as the love for Creed music has increased over the years.

Do you have any thoughts on the new announcement? Sound off in the comments.

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