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Johnny Depp Dating Scream Star After Amber Heard?

In the world of showbiz, rumors can often spiral out of control faster than a Hollywood premiere. Case in point, recent speculations surrounding Johnny Depp and Jenna Ortega’s supposed romantic involvement have been put to rest. According to a source who confirmed the matter to Page Six on a Saturday, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” superstar is not in a …

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Matthew McConaughey’s Dad Suffered Embarrassing Death

On a recent episode of Red Table Talks (sounds like Red Talks) Will Smith’s wife, Jada Smith, spoke with Matthew McConaughey and his mom. Here is what transpired: Matthew’s mother got very, and perhaps too candid about the death of her late husband, Matthew’s father, James Donald McConaughey.In a clip from this past Tuesday’s episode of “Red Table Talk,” shared …

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Brad Pitt Made Actress ‘Almost Faint’ As Tyler Durden

Elvira actress, Cassandra Peterson recently provide some interesting details about her time living next door to the Hollywood heartthrob in the mid-90s, Brad Pitt. Cassandra Peterson almost fainted A memorable encounter that involved her seeing Pitt training for Fight Club in his garage was revealed. She hilariously stated that she “almost fainted.” The Mistress of the Dark recalled selling her mansion …

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