Brad Pitt Made Actress ‘Almost Faint’ As Tyler Durden

Elvira actress, Cassandra Peterson recently provide some interesting details about her time living next door to the Hollywood heartthrob in the mid-90s, Brad Pitt.

Cassandra Peterson almost fainted

A memorable encounter that involved her seeing Pitt training for Fight Club in his garage was revealed. She hilariously stated that she “almost fainted.”

The Mistress of the Dark recalled selling her mansion to the Babylon actor in 1994 but found herself living next door to him soon after. According to Peterson, he was a “wonderful” neighbor and, on one particular day, the horror movie host almost passed out while walking her dogs after catching a glance at the star getting in shape for one of his most iconic films. Speaking to People, Peterson revealed:

“One time I was walking down the street looking like a hag because I’d just gotten out of the shower. I was in a rush to get somewhere, so I ran my dogs down the street for a quick walk, and I go past Brad’s garage and he’s in there wearing only sweatpants and punching. He’s doing a punching bag. He’s got on boxing gloves and he is punching a bag.”

She revealed that she came face-to-face with the actor and his good looks caused her to become overwhelmed and tongue-tied. The actress and author continued:

“He was getting ready to do the movie Fight Club! He’s in there and I really — I swear I almost fainted. I remember he goes, ‘Hey, how are you?’ and I’m like, ‘Huh.’ I couldn’t talk. I was turning red. I felt like I was fainting. He’s just so stunningly, stunningly handsome — and nice, to top it off.”

Peterson labeled Brad Pitt as a very generous human being. During her interview, Cassandra Peterson added that Pitt was “always kind and sweet,” He even allowed a neighbor to live on the property he purchased from her for free up until the man was 105. Cassandra Peterson jokingly added:

“[He] just kept living forever. I imagine Brad was thinking well, you know, he can live there till he dies, which might be any minute now.”

Cassandra Peterson further continued in her interview and stated that one of her biggest regrets while living next to the Hollywood icon was having to decline a dinner invitation from him and his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. However, she said that living next to the Bullet Train star was a great experience, even jokingly adding that she was often on the “lookout” for him, but he eventually put up hedges around the property, robbing the community of his awe-inspiring good looks.

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