Bono Regrets Big U2 Album Announcement

Bono has officially confirmed his earlier proclamation regarding U2’s ambitious venture into crafting what he dubbed an “unreasonable” rock album. Reflecting on the bold announcement made over a year ago, Bono recalled the intriguing response he received from his fellow bandmate, The Edge.

More than just idle talk, it seems U2 is on track to deliver on Bono’s promise of creating “the most unforgiving, obnoxious, defiant, fuck-off-to-the-pop-charts rock ‘n’ roll song” they’ve ever produced. The Edge, in subsequent remarks, justified the timing of this audacious move by pointing to the resurgence of the electric guitar, foreseeing U2 as the avant-garde of this musical revival.

Via UG – In a recent interview with MOJO magazine, Bono revisited the commitment to an “unreasonable guitar record,” shedding light on The Edge’s initial reaction. “I announced it, without discussion, as ‘an unreasonable guitar record.’ And Edge called me up and goes, ‘How unreasonable?’ And I said, As unreasonable as you’re ready to take it.”

Addressing the band’s musical roots, The Edge acknowledged that loud rock is intrinsic to U2’s origin. However, he emphasized the necessity of making the upcoming album noteworthy in the contemporary music landscape. “I don’t think the world is waiting on the next U2 album. I think we have to give them a reason to be interested in it,” he remarked. His vision for the album involves returning to U2’s foundational elements—big choruses, clear ideas—but infusing them with a renewed sense of energy and intensity.

Earlier in the year, The Edge shared insights into the album’s overarching vibe, emphasizing that U2’s artistic integrity would remain intact. Despite Bono drawing inspiration from AC/DC in his initial statement, The Edge clarified that the intention isn’t a complete transformation into the iconic Australian rock band. Instead, he envisions leveraging the guitar in innovative ways while staying true to U2’s distinctive sound.

As the anticipation builds, it remains to be seen whether The Edge will incorporate his new Universal Audio’s UAFX amp sim pedals into the creation of this much-anticipated “unreasonable” rock album. The prospect of U2 embracing the guitar-centric ethos with a fresh perspective is certainly poised to captivate fans and the music world alike.

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