Blink-182 Tell Fans If Movie Is Coming In 2024

In an interview with Cinema Blend, Tom DeLonge discussed the possibility of a Blink-182 concert movie, inspired by Taylor Swift’s successful tour film. DeLonge mentioned that the idea has been considered periodically, and they have discussed potential versions, especially in the context of their ongoing tour.

Referring to Taylor Swift’s tremendous success with her tour film, DeLonge acknowledged her ability to attract audiences to theaters. However, he expressed uncertainty about whether people would come to see Blink-182 for the music in a movie theater. Instead, he humorously suggested that focusing on the band’s signature humor, particularly their infamous dick jokes, might be a more appealing angle.

It always comes across the desk every few months. Some version. We’ve talked about doing something on this next tour that we just launched, like, today. Tickets go on sale on Friday. We’ve definitely talked about versions.”

Blink-182 is known for its lively and humorous banter between DeLonge and Mark Hoppus during live shows, and incorporating their comedic elements into a concert movie could offer a unique and entertaining experience for fans.

“You know, Taylor is a phenomenon. She can demand ticket sales. You and I both know how hard it is to get people to want to go to a movie theater. I don’t know if people would come to see Blink in a movie theater for the music, but they might come for the dick jokes (laugh). So maybe we focus on that?”

DeLonge also acknowledged Taylor Swift’s status as a phenomenon and the challenges of getting people to attend movie theaters. Despite the uncertainty, he seemed open to the concept, saying, “Why not?” The idea of concert films has gained traction, with Taylor Swift’s film setting records for the highest-grossing concert film or documentary globally.

As Blink-182 embarks on a North American headline tour in 2024 and continues to entertain fans with their energetic performances, the potential for a concert movie, possibly with a humorous twist, adds an intriguing element to the band’s future projects.

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