Blink-182 May Have Leaked Coachella Setlist Early

Blink-182 have announced at the last minute that they will be performing at this year’s Coachella Festival. The set will be the reconstituted band’s first performance together since 2014 and will take place in the Sahara tent between 6:45-7:35 pm (PDT).

Taking to Twitter, DeLonge shared an image of a teleprompter onstage, which read lyrics from their hit 2000 track, ‘Family Reunion,’ so what could this mean for a huge reunion setlist? Let’s take a walk back in time when I saw Blink-182 via the Honda Civic tour (I forget which year) where they headlined for My Chemical Romance. At the time, I wasn’t a My Chemical Romance fan, and yes, I got made fun of for it by all the emo kids at my school.

This was Blink’s (other) big reunion which saw them touring out the ‘Neighborhoods’ album. The set included all of the hits from ‘Dammit,’ to ‘Feeling This,’ and of course, ‘All The Small Things,’ now, years removed from the Honda Civic being the coolest car on the block, I really don’t think too much has changed with the upcoming setlist. I feel like Blink have become a legacy act. Sure, the band has tried to re-invent their wheel multiple time both within and outside of the band, but without the huge success of their early work.

This is not to say that I don’t love Boxcar Racer or +44 songs or that I dislike songs off of ‘Neighborhoods,’ but pound for pound, the American Pie style songs just are undefeated. For the upcoming setlist, I don’t think we see much outside of the hits. Certainly, we won’t see any songs off of ‘Neighborhoods’. Maybe I’ll do another review and look on that album for all of you soon. I haven’t listened to it in years, honestly.

The setlist for Coachella I feel will feature, if any new songs, unreleased ones and their newest track ‘Edging.’ Other than that, let’s call it a thirteen song set. In no order, I see a set looking like this: All The Small Things, Feeling This, Edging, Happy Holidays You Bastards, I Miss You, Family Reunion, I Want To F*** A Dog In The A**, First Date, What’s My Age Again, The Rock Show, Stay Together For The Kids, Down, Adam’s Song, Always.

Honorable mentions, I’d love to see Mutt on the list. What a slept on early track. Do we see any tracks from the Non-Tom-enter-Matt Skiba era? Doubtful, but would be a nice gesture. Some fans were worried about Travis Barker’s health, but he appears to be all good.

Mark Hoppus has teased a potential Coachella setlist on Apple Music.

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