Blink-182 Hire The Cure Singer For New Album?

Blink 182 Reddit fans are buzzing with excitement as they dissect the upcoming tracks for the band’s highly anticipated album. An eagle-eyed Reddit user recently unearthed a treasure trove of information, providing a glimpse into the album’s featured collaborators. Mark, Tom, and Travis, the band’s legendary trio, are joined by an impressive lineup of artists on various tracks, promising a sonic journey unlike any other.

The standout revelation here is the inclusion of Robert Smith from The Cure on the track “Fell in Love.” This unexpected current collaboration has sent fans into a frenzy, eagerly anticipating the magic these artists will create together.

Robert Smith was a key focal point on Blink 182’s track ‘All Of This’ from 2003 on their self titled record. The song has become a huge classic to many fans of both The Cure and Blink 182, so it’s nice to see that the band are yet again all in for this collaboration, however, we may not be getting all of Robert Smith after all.

It looks like fans are pointing out that it seems that Blink-182 may just be sampling a Cure song in their own song or using bits from some of Smith’s already finished work.

From Tim Armstrong to Ryan Tedder and more, the diverse array of collaborators hints at an album that will blend various influences and styles, promising a musical journey that’s bound to captivate fans old and new.

As the release date draws near, fans can’t help but wonder how these collaborations will shape Blink 182’s musical landscape. One thing is for sure—the wait for this album is going to be well worth it! Stay tuned for more updates, discussions, and rock ‘n’ roll revelations as we countdown to the album’s release.

Here’s the lowdown on the collaborators and their respective tracks, as shared by the keen-eyed Reddit sleuth:

Anthem Part Three:
Collaborator: Aaron Rubin

Dance With Me:
Collaborators: Nick Long, Aaron Rubin

Fell in Love:
Collaborators: Nick Long, Ryan Tedder, Robert Smith (of The Cure fame)

Collaborator: Nick Long

One More Time:
Collaborators: Andrew Goldstein, Aldae

More Than You Know:
Collaborator: Aaron Rubin

Turn This Off:
Collaborator: Brian Lee

When We Were Young:
Collaborators: Brian Lee, Aaron Rubin

No listed collaborators

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got:
Collaborators: Nick Long, Michael Pollack

Blink Wave:
Collaborator: Aaron Rubin

Bad News:
Collaborator: Nick Long

Hurt (Interlude):
No listed collaborators

Collaborator: Aaron Rubin

Fuck Face:
Collaborator: Tim Armstrong

Other Side:
No listed collaborators

Collaborators: Brian Lee, Aaron Rubin

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