Bjork Infuriates Coachella Fans With Frank Ocean

Bjork does not like photos taken of her it seems as people online are furious that they could not get photos of the star. It was recently revealed that Bjork did not want anyone to take pictures of her while she did her set at Coachella.

A photographer on Twitter spoke about this as she claimed that Bjork didn’t want photos taken of her, which, forced the photographer to draw what she was seeing instead.

The poster started on Twitter: “Bjork said no photos at #coachella. You know what that means… terrible stick figure drawings!” as she showed some stick figure drawings via a pen and notepad which you can check out below.

Many felt this may be some kind of jab at Bjork, but the poster made it very clear that it was not.

The poster said: “Oh and this is not a slam on Bjork. When artists don’t let us photograph them, I draw them. There’s just one problem: I am not good at drawing. Here are some of my others throughout the years. #coachella”

Many artist don’t want photographs taken for personal reasons and Bjork is one of those artists on a large list. Also, not only did Bjork not want photographs taken, but she also did not have her set streamed and neither did Frank Ocean. There’s not currently any information on why this is, but to each their own when it comes to their choices.

Recently, hashtags and posts have been going around stating that ‘Creatives don’t always need to be seen,’ which seems to draw some attention to the Bjork and Frank Ocean choices. Artists, like anyone else, are more than allowed to have the privacy that they wish for at any given time and for any reason at all in which they see fit.

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