Andrew Dice Clay Humiliated At Guns N’ Roses Show

Andrew Dice Clay recently made a surprise appearance doing standup comedy at Guns N’ Roses’ show at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ Wednesday night.

It has come to light that Dice’s set included his classic nursery rhymes routine and was teased by Chrissie Hynde during The Pretenders rocking hour long set that included hits “My City Was Gone,” “Middle of the Road” and “Brass in Pocket.”

The appearance was a reunion with Dice and the band –who played just over three hours at MetLife Stadium–since he first opened for them 30 years ago at the Rose Bowl.

Dice was dressed in his trademark leather jacket and shades, entertained the crowd with a funny routine that poked fun at the bedroom antics of the new generation and what he referred to as the “Pandemical.”

A fan wrote on Reddit, “Haven’t seen anyone mentioning this yet so just want to share some thoughts & questions. As a 24-yr-old and international guns fan, I was ok in the beginning but became uncomfortable as he kept going on and on repeating the same tropes…

Is this stuff v rare in the USA now and what do locals think about it? I’m just v surprised to see this played out to 40,000 people while I feel this stuff is p unacceptable everywhere in the world now… Well I guess it lines up w gnr’s idgaf attitude p well.

I do see his stuff has reasons to be there, it is from the same period of gnr’s peak and *similar* to gnr’s attitude (although I would argue he’s unnecessarily vulgar and more offensive). And after looking him up I saw he’s also friends with them so I get they like him and want him there.

But also there were many kids under 10, under 15 yesterday, idk how the parents dealt w that cuz I personally wouldn’t want them to hear this at their age.

Also, I was in the pit, and in the beginning there were some guys laughing, but as Dice kept going there was rarely a laugh. I heard a girl saying this makes her uncomfortable which is super understandable. Do ppl genuinely find this stuff funny still?”

Guns N’ Roses’s set included hits “Welcome to the Jungle,”  “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” “November Rain,” “You Could Be Mine,” and a beautiful cover of Glen Campbell’s “Wichita Lineman.”

“I missed you all,” Rose told the crowd.

Meanwhile, Guns N’ Roses‘ upcoming single ‘Perhaps’ was leaked by digital jukeboxes in bars across the United States.

‘Perhaps’ was reportedly set for release last week (August 11), but was delayed due to reasons unknown at the time of publishing. Before its delay, a link briefly appeared on the Universal Music website, allowing eager fans to pre-save the track on Spotify and Apple Music.

Even though ‘Perhaps’ did not release on August 11, fans were still able to hear it through an accidental leak at bars in America the following day (August 12). The track was made available on TouchTunes digital jukebox machines across the United States, complete with its potential artwork.

Notably, the upcoming track is taken from the band’s ‘Chinese Democracy’ era and will mark the rock veterans’ first release since the four-song EP ‘Hard Skool’, which arrived back in February of last year.

The EP was exclusively available on the band’s official store and contained two new tracks they released the year prior – ‘Absurd’ and ‘Hard Skool’ – as well as live versions of ‘Don’t Cry’ and ‘You’re Crazy’.


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