Aerosmith Member Was Furious At Joe Perry Mistake

Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford recently spoke about his professional relationship with Joe Perry and recalled the frustration of seeing people contribute his guitar parts to the other guitarist.

It has been noted that the Toxic Twins that most people think of at the mention of Aerosmith, the band’s unmistakable dual guitar sound would hardly get anywhere without Brad Whitford, whose oft-neglected contributions include writing credits on “Nobody’s Fault”, “Round and Round” and “Last Child”, but also red-hot solos such as that on “Kings and Queens”. Having arrived to the band a year after its inception in 1970, Whitford immediately hit it off with his ax-wielding colleague on every level.

“It was also a very unique chemistry, unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced with other guitar players. It’s 100 percent intuitive, where we’ve never sat down in a couple of chairs across from each other going, ‘You do this, you do that'”, Whitford tells Guitar World in a new interview.

Whitford and Perry’s immediate chemistry created a blurring of the lines that resulted in moments like their alternating leads on “Back in the Saddle” and “Love in an Elevator”. However, this approach also caused confusion over who did what, which used to drive the guitarist mad:

“After ‘Rocks’ came out [in 1976], Aerosmith was touring England, and I was sitting in a bar in London reading a review of the album in Melody Maker. And when they got to talking about ‘Last Child’, they started talking about how it sounded like Jeff Beck, which was very flattering. But then I kept reading, and they gave Joe credit for the guitar solo and kept comparing it to Jeff Beck. I read that, and I fucking went nuclear.”

“I was just so pissed off. It’s like, here I am, having my fucking work being compared to Jeff Beck, and they’re crediting Joe Perry. It was bullshit, and I was so upset. But I realized stuff like that wasn’t worth worrying about because the people who actually listen – and know what they’re talking about – can tell the difference.”

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