90’s Rock Guitarist Rejected Joining Guns N’ Roses

Former Black Crowes lead guitarist Marc Ford has recently opened up about a pivotal moment in his career when he was offered the opportunity to join Guns N’ Roses. In retrospect, he expressed no regrets about turning down the offer, suggesting that playing alongside Axl Rose and company wouldn’t have been as fulfilling or satisfying as his time with the Crowes.

According to UG – Back in 1991, Guns N’ Roses were riding high on the success of their monumental “Use Your Illusion” albums, which spawned chart-topping hits like “Don’t Cry,” “November Rain,” and “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” The band was at the peak of their fame when they extended an offer to Marc Ford to replace Izzy Stradlin. However, Marc’s decision to remain with the Atlanta blues rockers proved to be a wise one.

Reflecting on his choice, Marc Ford explained that the music of the Black Crowes resonated with him on a deeper level. Moreover, he believed that the Crowes provided a better creative platform for him because he could have more of a voice within the band’s dynamic. In contrast, he felt that joining Guns N’ Roses would have confined him to a role of supporting Slash, which, in his view, wouldn’t have been as fulfilling or satisfying. Marc emphasized that such a scenario would likely have led to boredom, which could have been problematic.

During his time with the Black Crowes, Marc Ford developed a strong professional bond with Rich Robinson, the band’s primary songwriter. He explained that their collaboration was seamless, as Rich’s songwriting provided a solid foundation, and the call-and-response elements in their music evolved naturally during their live performances. This organic process carried over into the studio, where they adapted and fine-tuned their sound by carefully listening to each other.

In hindsight, Marc Ford’s decision to remain with the Black Crowes allowed him to fully contribute his talents and creativity to a band where he felt at home. While the allure of Guns N’ Roses was undoubtedly enticing, he found that staying true to his musical instincts and forging a strong partnership with Rich Robinson was a more fulfilling and satisfying path for his career.

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