90’s Band Offers Unpaid Jobs For Meet & Greets

The rise of A.I. has been worrying a lot of people about their jobs and the security that was promised to them. This really goes for the music industry as I haven’t been able to scroll on Facebook without a band being worried about how robots will be creating music within the next few years. Spoiler – it’s been that way for years already.

Now it seems that merch vendors are at risk to losing their jobs as well as The Verve Pipe just came through trying to get fans to run merch for them, which would be something that is not paid, but wait, you get a meet and greet package for a couple hours of your time!

Let’s not be too harsh, because I do think that this could benefit a lot of fans, honestly. Especially when it comes to really big touring artists. I don’t see an issue with someone volunteering their time to meet an artist of their dreams if that’s what they want to do. I’d never do anything for free, but that’s just me. If someone is willing to? Hey, that’s on them and there’s no problem with that.

Lit’s Jeremy Popoff chimed in on The Verve Pipe’s merch for the M&G “dilemma,” you can see his full response below. Basically, he said that it’s a tough time for artists right now. As rich as you think a band is? They’re most likely not. A lot comes out of their pockets and the rise in prices on everything is slowly bleeding into the fur of it all. Jeremy doesn’t see an issue with it either.

Again, I don’t think anything should be done for free, but if someone really wants to – then how can I judge their choice? I think we need to worry about ourselves more.

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