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Beyonce AI Rock Song Sounds Like Metallica

Beyoncé’s ‘new rock song,’ which channels the sounds of Metallica, was crafted using AI technology by Desperate Times. The innovative production employed Suno AI and voice cloning to emulate Beyoncé’s vocals in the rock genre. This cutting-edge approach shows off the transformative role of AI in the music industry, enabling a fusion of musical styles that might otherwise be challenging …

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Will Smith AI Song About Jada & Chris Rock

“Slap Back” by Desperate Times is a fictional track crafted using Suno AI and voice cloning technology, featuring Will Smith delivering impassioned rap verses. The song delves into a scenario where Smith confronts Chris Rock over derogatory remarks aimed at his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Throughout the track, Smith channels his anger and frustration, expressing his unwavering support for Pinkett …

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Kanye West New Song About Diddy & Epstein In AI

In a newly unveiled fictional track, Kanye West delves into subjects related to Diddy and Jeffrey Epstein. This innovative piece of music is the result of AI technology, with Kanye’s voice being replicated using artificial intelligence. Additionally, the song’s lyrics were crafted using Suno AI software. Kanye West, known for his music success and controversial statements, made headlines with his …

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