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Pete Townshend Drops The Who Retirement Bombshell

In the wake of The Who’s final orchestral tour date at the Sandringham Estate this summer, legendary guitarist and songwriter Pete Townshend is contemplating the band’s future. Wrapping up the tour marked the end of an era, but Townshend believes it shouldn’t signify the end of The Who’s journey. Now, he looks forward to a crucial discussion with frontman Roger …

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The Who Accuse Led Zeppelin Of Ripoff

Recently, Pete Townshend shed light on The Who’s deliberate choice to target male audiences initially, offering insights into their journey and the ripple effect it had on rock culture, particularly the transformation of Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant. Criticism of rock culture’s male-centric focus has echoed through the ages, with iconic bands like Led Zeppelin often cited as prime examples. Townshend, …

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5 Bands Who Lied About Retiring Like Aerosmith

Ah, yes, It’s a story that has become all too familiar in the music industry: a band or artist announces that they will be retiring from touring or recording, only to announce a new tour or album a few years later. From Kiss to Jay-Z, and even the iconic rock band, The Who, it seems that “retirement” is a term …

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